Climb up our Financial Ladder and Access Cheaper and Long Term Loans!

Benefits from Borrowing from Pezesha platform

Once you get a financial score from Patascore and you qualify for a loan, it will take less than 10 minutes for you to get funded

We give you FREE credit scores

Through Patascore, we offer you free credit scores and tips of how to continue to improve your credit score in order to get cheaper loans with lower interest rates.

Financial Education:

We educate borrowers on what affects their credit score and how one can improve it. In addition, we help you improve your financial status by making smarter financial decisions that improve your wealth and living standards.

Access to affordable loans

We raise our lending funds from other Kenyans like you, who are willing to lend to you at affordable rates, meaning they expect you to repay on time so that they can continue to fund you and other Kenyans in your community.

How do I get a Pezesha loan?

To Find out whether you qualify for a Pezesha Loan, first you need to get a credit score by going to Patascore Web or through SMS my following the below instruction