Are you a small business looking for working capital? Wezesha Biashara na Pezesha!

Quick. Easy. Fair terms.
Short term financing: Up to Kshs 20,000
Long term financing : Up to Kshs 1M

Supplier Financing. Distributor Financing. Retailer Financing.

Are you an SME in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer goods) sector who has been in business for at least 12 months and you are looking to

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Grow your business and profits

Grow your credit score to access bigger bank financing

Buy Business assets and tools for trade

Expand your warehouse & inventory facilities

Expand your distribution network with more customers

Purchase technology and software tools to manage your business inventory efficiently

Get financing for working capital of amounts $1000- $10,000

Access affordable financing with average interest rates of 15%-25% p.a for a period of 1-12 months

Access our SME financial Education program

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Benefits of borrowing with us


Access to working capital

No stress on whether your business will make it in the long term. We provide quick debt working capital to keep your business healthy at all costs.


Credit scoring

We request for additional financial and business data and administer a simple survey to assess your risk profile and loan limit.


Financial Education

We equip you with the right financial knowledge to manage your business and ensure profitability and long term decision making process.


Access to technology & tools

Credit is not impactful if its not measured and monitored. We recommend you with easy to use mobility tools that will track your business operations, credit sales, giving you full visibility, analytics efficiency and boost your credit score.


Retain your customers

We view credit as a wealth creation tool for you and your business but also a strategy to retain your customers by ensuring you always have inventory based on their needs/demands.

How it Works

  • Step 1


    Register your KYC information to open a business profile with us

  • Step 2


    We then analyse your business fit and invite you for a presentation

  • Step 3

    Credit scoring

    We request for additional financial and business data and administer a simple survey to assess your risk profile and loan limit

  • Step 4

    Due Diligence

    We work with our legal and credit risk team to visit your premises and conduct due diligence

  • Step 5


    We then match you with lenders on our marketplace interested to fund your business

  • Step 6


    Within days you receive your debt funding with clear repayment plan and terms

  • step 7

    Repayment & monitoring

    We offer you a flexible repayment plan of 1-12 months and ways to track your credit history as our interest is to see your business grow