Using Alternative data
for Credit Scoring

Pezesha’s data is both conventional and unconventional; it is detailed, granular and complete. This creates a rich data environment from which complex information can be utilized to address a big spectrum of questions, ranging from basic analytics to complex financial models. From this, the Pezesha Score incorporates complex variables with proven methodologies to yield intelligent decision making.

Our approach

In addition to our strong technology and team, we have built relationships with on the ground community champions working closely with our field agents to pre-screen, educate and sign up quality groups/chamas and individuals we can lend to. This process includes a hybrid of digital and in person on boarding of quality data sets with checks and balances while ensuring integrity, reliability and loyalty with our customers.

Diversified Lending

Our use of funds from a marketplace to fund conveniently to the low income borrowers through fractionalized lending (rather than attempting to raise huge sums of capital ourselves to disburse) means we can pioneer and harness the power of the crowd to scale our model and have the greatest impact. This includes working with institutional lenders who are solely predisposed with deploying efficient capital that brings a positive financial and social return by reducing the cost of our loans.

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