Borrower Profiling

To borrow a loan with Pezesha, you need to:-

  • Be part of a chama and have some form of income generating activity. e.g Kiosk, Grocery(Mama mboga), agribusiness etc.
  • Have a group leader or Chairperson in your chama
  • The group leader contacts Pezesha and registers the group
  • Pre-screening and vetting process
  • Qualification and profiling for loan application

Loan Application

We take the following steps:-

  • Educate borrowers about our products/services, terms and conditions for loan use
  • Collection of group and individual information, National ID, business information among other transactions data.
  • Pezesha assesses borrower application and credit scores in real time using borrower’s transaction data, self-reported data and credit bureau data
  • Pezesha declines or approves borrower’s application


  • Amounts approved for funding KES 1,000 – KES 70,000 at fair interests with weekly repayments for 30 days.
  • We match you with the right Kenyan lenders who rely on you to repay on time so that we can fund other fellow Kenyans


  • Borrowers receive reminder notifications on due dates
  • Borrowers make their repayments through mobile money
  • Contact in-house customer service and field agents for assistance