Kenyans / Africans are already lending money to each other everyday, be it through social
groups or family networks. We as Pezesha are digitizing the existing culture by creating
new investment opportunities to earn compelling returns

What we Offer Chamas & Co-operatives

Microlending Marketplace

You can choose to lend to only your Chama members or lend to other Chamas in our network who are looking for emergency loans. By lending through our safe and trusted marketplace as a chama/Co-operative you will generate more returns of at least 20% annually through our platform

Credit Scores

Using our robust credit scoring model that is based on conventional and unconventional data, we help you as a Chama access your members ability to repay their loans in the short and long term. We give you visibility of each member’s credit score and how to improve payments performance based on additional accurate data you also provide us.

Financial Education

We help informal groups and networks, access and be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to increase their financial wealth and make better long term investment decisions from a personal and group level. We give you tips of how to improve your credit score, how to access affordable loans and how to maintain a good credit track record that uplifts you up the financial ladder.