Why lend through Pezesha Marketplace

Maximize your Returns

We give you compelling average returns of 20%-36% per year more than what you will get in a Bank or money markets investments

Robust borrower screening

We thoroughly screen borrowers who come through our marketplace by using more than 500 unique data sets to ensure you are lending to quality borrowers. Borrowers who are not over indebted with multiple loans from other lenders and they are using the loans for the right purpose

Diversified lending

We put your eggs in many baskets!!! The Pezesha platform spreads your risk by lending your funds across multiple borrowers through our partial lending component.

Full visibility & Transparency

We give our lenders full visibility of their borrowers portfolio, their credit scores, their loan performance at each day and time through our simple dashboards. Lenders can also access their lending balances and income real time.

Unlock new investment opportunities

Beyond money markets investments which can be very risky, we give you more additional options for you to diversify your money by lending to trusted and vetted networks that generate compounding wealth creation for you.

Robust credit scoring model:

uses complete and verified transactional data from mobile operators and service providers to accurately determine the ability and psychometric data to determine willingness of the borrowers to repay their loans on time.

As with any investment there are associated risks, we therefore use effective approaches that minimizes investor’s risk and maximizes their return including but not limited to the following ways:

Prudent Risk Policy

When onboarding a borrower we conduct thorough checks to determine their capacity to pay. Using our robust credit-scoring model we establish the borrower’s credit score and reference third party information from Credit Reference Bureaus.

Effective Recovery Policy

We make the best effort and data analytics to recover your investment. We have partnered with debt collection agencies to aid in the recovery of funds. If a borrower defaults on their payment, Pezesha will forward their names and details to a credit reference bureau for blacklisting and also whitelisting

Consumer protection

We ensure data security, privacy controlled access and standards. We have adapted OECD best practices in knowing our customers, our investors and their controlling stakeholders. We take this seriously and do not work with any client who cannot pass our stringent criteria.

How Pezesha works for individual lenders


✔20%-36% average returns per year

✔Unsecured loans

✔Minimum of 30 days lending period

✔Minimum investment is $30


✔Fixed return of 15% per year

✔Secured loans

✔Minimum of 1 year lending period

✔Minimum investment is $1000

Simple. Secure. Automated

Create an account with us in minutes.

Portfolio Management

Choose your lending strategy based on risk preferences.

Loans Portfolio

We use automated & fractionalized lending to diversify your risk

Lender dashboard

See your performance real time from your mobile dashboard


Receive real time notifications on your app when you top up, withdraw and when your borrowers repay back.

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