Secure lending. Great Returns.

Kenyans to Kenyans Lending Platform - Your Wealth Management Partner

Who Are Our Lenders

  • Angels
  • Middle class earners
  • Diaspora communities
  • Philanthropic investors
  • High net worth individuals

Why Invest In Pezesha


Great Returns

  • 20% – 30% per year on average
  • Better than you will get in a Bank

Low Risk

  • High Quality, thoroughly screened Borrowers.
  • Diversified Lending, Spread Investment across Multiple Borrowers.


  • Track all your Transactions
  • Visibility of Borrower’s full profile..

As with any investment there are associated risks. The team at Pezesha uses effective recovery approaches that minimizes investor’s risk and maximizes their returns.


Social Impact

  • Create jobs.
  • Reduce inequality.
  • Eradicate  Poverty.
  • Empower underserved communities in Africa.

Effective Recovery

  • Reliable collections facilitated by debt collecting partners.
  • 90 day defaulters blacklisted to CRB (Positive performance also reported).
  • Credit scoring iterations to ensure we are accurately predicting borrowers ability and willingness to repay their loan.

Our Silver Lending Package

Choose between 3 Investment Strategies

  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Aggressive
Conservative Balanced Aggressive
Strategy Investment mainly split across lowest risk product Investment evenly split across all products Investment mainly allocated across riskier, but higher yielding products
Example split 30% of portfolio allocated to lowest risk product, 10% to highest risk 17% of portfolio allocated to each product 10% allocated to lowest risk product, 30% to highest risk
Average Annual Return (inclusive of taxes) 20 - 24% 25 - 29% 30 - 35%

Minimum loan period of 30 days. Minimum lending amount $30

How Pezesha Works for Investors

Simple . Secure . Automated