Pezesha’s Peer to Peer lending platform connects lenders with
quality creditworthy low income microbusiness owners.
Earn Solid Returns!
Secure . Reliable . Diverse

Who Are Our Lenders

MFIs,Banks,Alternative lenders,Individuals, Diaspora Community, Investment Clubs, Chamas & Saccos

Why Invest In Pezesha

Maximize Your Returns

We give you more returns than what you will get in a bank or money market investment.

Our robust credit scoring model

uses complete and verified data from Channel partners like Safaricom to accurately determine the ability and willingness  to repay for the borrowers you lend to


Our track record

We have more than 10 years of experience in Fintech, investments and risk based portfolio management to maximize returns for our investors


Unlock new investment opportunities

Kenyans/Africans are already lending money to each other everyday, be it through social groups or family networks. We as Pezesha are digitizing the existing culture by creating new investment opportunities to earn compelling returns by lending to quality micro entrepreneurs in fast moving and agri sectors that in turn create socioeconomic impact.

Consumer protection, the heart of our business

We ensure data security, privacy controlled access and standards. We have adapted OECD best practices in knowing our customers, our investors and their controlling stakeholders. We take this seriously and do not work with any client who cannot pass our stringent criteria.

As with any investment there are associated risks. The team at Pezesha uses an effective three-pronged approach that minimizes investor’s risk and maximizes their return including but not limited to:
Prudent Risk Policy

When onboarding a borrower we conduct thorough checks to determine their capacity to pay. Using our robust credit-scoring model we establish the borrower’s credit score and reference third party information from Credit Reference Bureaus.


We put your eggs in many baskets!!! The Pezesha platform spreads your risk by lending your funds across multiple borrowers.

Effective Recovery Policy

We make the best effort to recover your investment. We have partnered with debt collection agencies to aid in the recovery of funds.  If a borrower defaults on their payment, Pezesha will forward their names and details to a credit reference bureau for blacklisting.


Simple . Secure . Automated


Create an account with us in minutes.

Portfolio management

Choose your lending strategy based on your risk preference. 


We use automated and fractionalized algorithms to diversify your risk and match you with quality borrowers.


See your performance realtime from your mobile dashboard.

Notifications & Reports

Receive real time notifications on your app when you top up ,withdraw and when your borrower repays back.

Learn more about the other ways we reduce risk for lenders from our FAQs


For More information and 24/7 support reach out to us on