Pezesha has built robust credit scoring models and lending platform APIs which are secure, scalable and reliable to facilitate micro lending to underserved communities.

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What we offer MFIs

Traditional institutional have now fully automated their end to end lending activities and KYC processes through Pezesha platform that integrates with their existing systems through our APIs.

Our lending APIs platform entails but not limited to:

Credit Scoring APIs

We provide you with robust and customized credit scoring models generating NPLs of less than 10% based on a wider catchment of complete data sets.

Portfolio Management

We have built a robust and effective portfolio management module that allows lenders to set their lending preferences based on their risk appetite.

Lending marketplace

We help institutional lenders ensure efficiency in their entire lending cycle, at the same time lend competitively. In addition, when a lender lends through our marketplace, we give them full visibility to their loans performance and dashboards that manage their entire lending in real time.

Data analytics & Business Intelligence

We help you make sense of your data by looking at interesting trends and behaviour that helps you make the right lending decisions and scale based on maximum returns and timing.