Supply Chain finance made easy

  • Real time access to affordable inventory credit
  • Access to digital tools
  • Never let your retailers run out of stock
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We enable API Embedded Finance across B2B digital partners

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

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Optimising revenue, efficiency and growth across the value chain


  • SMEs get access to affordable credit
  • Investors get access to quality SMEs borrowers through access to our distribution network and crowdfunding approach in return earn purposeful returns


  • Increased business sales when your merchants use financing to place more orders
  • Zero credit risk and no managing delinquency, opening up cash tied to collections and provisions for defaults
  • Drive new product offerings and select which items to offer on credit
  • Deeper relationships with your merchants


  • Access to credit to purchase inventory
  • Increased sales through diversified product offering
  • Little or no instances of out-of-stock Increasing customer loyalty because of reliability
  • A deeper relationship with suppliers which results in order discounts/incentives

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