Pezesha (Meaning Financial Empowerment) aims to be the first Africa-focused digital financial marketplace that converges lending, financial education and debt counselling amongst other financial services for borrowers, lenders and investors, facilitating a peer to peer network effect.

Pezesha is led by a highly experienced and passionate local team with more than 10 years local and international experience in fin-tech, management of growth and technology companies, and unparalleled local market knowledge and reach.

Our Values


We ensure quality and consistency in fulfilling our customer and partners’ needs. We test, measure and deliver our customers promises on time and efficiency.


Consistency of actions, honesty, ethical values, principles, expectations and outcomes. Our word is our integrity.


We serve our customers and partners in the spirit of mutual confidence, privacy and trust. We continue to uphold high standards, best practices and consumer protection.

Excellence & Team Work

We support team spirit and personal discipline in all our endeavors. We are dedicated, loyal, and honorable.


We value and build for the future. We challenge ourselves to go over and above the status quo. We strive to raise expectations and break through barriers others deem impossible to breach.

Accountability & Responsibility

We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgement.