Terms and Conditions

By borrowing a loan from Pezesha I agree:

  • To pay in full and on time the loan amount I borrow, inclusive of the interest accrued.
  • To willingly give Pezesha access to my M-pesa statements for the past 12 months or more as well as access to my monthly statements for as long as I borrow with Pezesha for continued development of my credit scoring in order to stand a chance to qualify for bigger repeat loans in future.
  • That failure to repay my loan in full and on time could result in additional charges being applied to my Pezesha loan (for which I shall be liable) and legal proceedings being initiated against me and/or my being reported to a credit bureau.
  • That failure to pay my weekly installments in time could result in my being put on probation and/or getting a lower loan amount from the level which I have attained.
  • To present my original National ID whenever called upon to do so and during the loan application process.
  • To pay any costs/fees charged by my mobile service provider that is associated with my use of the Pezesha Platform.
  • To carrying out of credit checks with or obtaining credit information from a credit reference agency to check the information I provide to Pezesha in order to check my credit history and assess the affordability of my repayments pursuant.
  • To provide Pezesha with any additional information which Pezesha may ask of me, and that if Pezesha discovers that this additional information and/or the information I provided during the application process was inaccurate or deficient in any respect, then the Loan Contract will be considered void and Pezesha reserves the right to report this information to the Credit Reference Bureau, fraud agencies and any other Government Authority as Pezesha may deem appropriate.
  • That the mobile phone number I use in the loan application is my own personal phone number and has been in use for 6 to 12 months.
  • That my guarantor is a member of my group and failure to repay my loan in time will prevent both me and my guarantor from getting subsequent loans with Pezesha.

The loan agreement with Pezesha lenders is governed by the laws of the Republic of Kenya.