Earn Solid Returns! Secure . Reliable . Diverse

Pezesha's Peer to Peer lending platform connects lenders with
quality creditworthy low income microbusiness owners.

Who Are Our Lenders

  • MFIs & Banks
  • Alternative lenders
  • Individuals
  • Diaspora Community
  • Investment Clubs
  • Chamas & Saccos

Why Invest In Pezesha

As with any investment there are associated risks. The team at Pezesha uses an effective three-pronged approach that minimizes investor’s risk and maximizes their return including but not limited to:

  • Great Returns

    Receive average returns of 20%-36% per year; higher than a bank or money markets investment.

  • Low Risk

    Lend to high quality borrowers, screened through a robust credit scoring model.

  • Diversification

    Spread your investments across several borrowers to reduce risk.

  • Social Impact

    Facilitate the financial inclusion of underserved communities through your investment.

  • Transparency

    Access full visibility your of borrower’s portfolio, credit score and loan performance.

How Pezesha Works for Investors

Simple . Secure . Automated


Create an account in minutes

Portfolio management

Choose a lending strategy


Get matched with a diverse range of quality borrowers


Monitor your performance in real time

Notifications & Reports

Immediate updates on top-ups, withdrawals and repayments


For More information and 24/7 support reach out to us on lenders@pezesha.com