Pezesha gets license approval as a Digital Credit Provider (DCP) from Central Bank of Kenya

Benson Odhiambo · 2 minute read

Pezesha gets license approval as a Digital Credit  Provider (DCP) from Central Bank of Kenya

Pezesha is proud to announce that we have received our Digital Credit Provider (DCP) license from the Central Bank of Kenya. This regulatory approval is a testament to our commitment to earning the trust of all key stakeholders in our digital ecosystem and the MSMEs we serve, as well as our mission to drive meaningful financial inclusion.

This is truly a significant development for Pezesha and the financial services sector in Kenya. The granting of the DCP license by the Central Bank of Kenya reinforces Pezesha’s adherence to regulatory compliance and commitment to providing safe and secure financial services to our partners and customers. Google recently announced that it will remove apps from its play store that do not have the Digital Credit Provider (DCP) license, which emphasizes the importance of this regulatory approval and Pezesha's commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of security and transparency.


Additionally, we have also received our approval as a data controller from the Office of Data Protection Commissioner which underscores our commitment to compliance with the law as well as to the safety of our consumers’ personal data that we are entrusted with.  

“Our approval as a data controller indicates a recognition of our commitment to both legal compliance and the security of our consumers' personal data. This approval serves as a testament to the measures we have taken to ensure the protection of sensitive information and to uphold the trust that our consumers have placed in us. By receiving this approval, we reinforce our commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy service to all of our consumers" Eric, Legal & Compliance Manager

Pezesha recognizes that this license is just the beginning, and we are eager to collaborate with partners who share our mission to drive meaningful financial inclusion and help MSMEs in Kenya access affordable and reliable financial services. With this license, Pezesha is well-positioned to continue growth in 2023 and beyond and make a lasting impact on the financial landscape of Kenya.

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