Pezesha partners with Victory Farms to enable embedded finance in Aquaculture sector

Keren Mezoya Mwangi · 3 minute read

Pezesha partners with Victory Farms to enable embedded finance in Aquaculture sector

We are thrilled to announce our embedded financing partnership with Victory Farms, a leading vertically-integrated aquaculture platform in Kenya (end-to-end operations across production, processing, distribution and sales). Victory Farms’ mission is to build a commercial tilapia farm that can feed 2 billion Africans with affordable, accessible and healthy protein, using innovative and sustainable aquaculture practices.

This collaboration aims to empower Victory Farms’ Mama Samakis (fish market women in Kiswahili), by providing access to real-time financing needed to purchase stock and scale their businesses.

Launching the loan product on the Ground with eligible Mama Samaki’s

The journey to bring this partnership to life began with a hands-on approach. Our team visited Kayole, Pipeline & Mlolongo branches in Nairobi to engage with some of Victory Farms’ eligible Mama Samakis and onboard them onto the platform. We also conducted financial education to ensure they understand the terms and how to use the credit productively to impact their income and business growth.

The financing gap in the aquaculture sector 

According to research by Frontier , the fisheries sector in Kenya contributes an average of 0.5% to Kenya's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), provides direct employment opportunities to over 500,000 people and supports over 2 million people indirectly.

This partnership supports the growth of the Kenyan aquaculture sector by providing Victory Farms’ Mama Samakis with the financial flexibility to purchase stock as needed. This prevents stock outs and missed sales opportunities, enabling continuous business growth.

Our collaboration with Victory Farms ensures Mama Samakis with consistent buying patterns can scale their operations without the burden of upfront costs, while preserving healthy cash flows. By offering timely and affordable credit, Pezesha is helping these businesses maintain a steady supply chain and meet market demands effectively. Together, we are creating a sustainable ecosystem where businesses can thrive and contribute to the broader economic stability and growth of the sector. 

Looking into the near future 

As this partnership progresses, we anticipate that over 8,000 Mama Samakis could benefit from this partnership, supporting the growth of their businesses as well as Victory Farms’. This virtuous cycle of growth will not only benefit individual businesses but also enhance the overall supply chain. 

By enabling Victory Farms’ Mama Samakis' to access the financial support they need, Pezesha is contributing to the resilience and growth potential of these businesses. Our joint efforts will help drive financial inclusion and business sustainability in Kenya’s aquaculture sector. 

Pezesha’s partnership with Victory Farms marks a significant milestone in our mission to support SMEs across all sectors as we continue to scale up this year through collaborative value chains across East Africa. By providing essential financial solutions to Mama Samakis, we are empowering them to grow their businesses and contribute positively to the local economy. We are proud to be part of this transformative initiative and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on Victory Farms’ Mama Samakis and the broader aquaculture industry in Kenya. 

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